Field Day

Field Day Fun for All!

Field days are all about creating memorable experiences for students. The events and field day games give students a chance to unwind and just let loose, without the fear of having too much energy for the space.

Cooperative and team games make field day more fun for everyone. The experience is made unique by using items that students wouldn’t normally encounter in the classroom setting, such as eggs, hula hoops, water balloons, bubbles, “mummy” wrap, and beach items.

Showcase for PE Skills - Field day is an opportunity for you to showcase your program and your students to showcase their skills. Think of it as a cumulative exam. There is a general undertone that permeates some school cultures, which is that PE is just a planning period, or not that important due to academic needs. Field Day is a time for you to show the entire school and community that physical education holds value. It is a chance to let them see what physically-literate children look and sound like.

Mark in Time - Field Day acts as a marker of a passage in time. It is a celebration of another school year gone by. It gives the students something to look forward to, and it is almost a proverbial archway to summer. Many teachers choose to use Field Day as a way to encourage children to work hard and behave toward the later part of the year. Others plan to involve their students in coming up with class colors, and snacks, and making the day extra special. Field Day gives everyone something to mark an important time in the year with and something to look forward to!

Oh, The Things You Can Teach - Field Day offers the opportunity to integrate other subject areas into the process. This cannot occur without proper planning, however. But Field Days can go as far as to be thematic. Olympic Field Days are popular themes where children can learn about games from around the world. But, Field Day can extend this. It can involve classroom teachers having their students learn about a country and making a bulletin board on their country. Field Day can be used to teach about healthy competition and sportsmanship.

Our Field Day!