NYC (and PS 304) READS!

There are some constants in every New York City Public School classroom, even if each school decides on its reading curriculum. Books that provide students with real-world examples to practice their new reading abilities and curricular modules used to teach reading and writing fall under this category.

Schools follow a defined, purposeful schedule of reading and writing sessions throughout the school year to ensure that students receive well-thought-out training. Instructions Include:

  • Hearing and Understanding
  • Learning to read and write
  • A chance to reflect
  • Engaging in conversation in couples or small groups

Teachers set a positive example by asking questions and encouraging students to do the same regarding their reading and lessons. Fictional and nonfictional reading passages of varying difficulty are used to assist students in practicing using the reading methods they have learned. The multicultural makeup of our student bodies is reflected in these reading choices. Additionally, students have regular opportunities for supervised individual reading and writing, and school libraries provide resources for research assignments. Finally, classrooms and corridors are filled with student work demonstrating how they have applied their knowledge to research, analysis, and writing.

The NYC Reads program will officially begin in the 2023–24 academic year. Reading proficiency is the single most important ability for academic, professional, and personal success, and we want that for every kid in New York City. NYC Reads will guarantee that kids in kindergarten through fifth grade get the most cutting-edge reading resources and strategies available.

Over the course of two years, NYC Reads will mandate that all pre-K classes utilize The Creative Curriculum, a standardized early childhood education curriculum, while K-5 schools use one of three authorized, phonics-based reading curricula. In 2023–24, the new literacy program will roll out to 15 community school districts; the following year, it will be adopted by all districts.

Use your NYC Public School credentials to access the Citywide Digital Library on Sora.


The Citywide Digital Library provides the quickest and easiest way to read digital books. NYC students can log in using their school credentials and instantly access thousands of e-books and audiobooks on virtually any device in multiple languages. The Citywide Digital Library is available 24/7 - all you need to get started is an internet connection and your school login. Begin your next reading adventure with just a tap.


Once you’re set up with Sora, check out their Decoding and Phonics Collection, which has great titles for students who are developing their literacy skills.